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Swimming Pool Filters

Behind every well maintained, clear and clean swimming pool is a filter. It functions to remove small particles from the water (that the pump basket cannot), while also distributing and breaking down chemicals to help balance the water.

Water is forced through a medium (sand, diatomaceous earth or cartridge element) where the particles are trapped and filtered. The water can then return to the pool cleaned and clear.

Different pools may need different filters. A number of factors should be considered when buying a filter, including pump flow rate, pool size, bathing load and environmental contamination (the amount of leaves, flowers and dirt etc. that falls into the pool).

To maximise the effective working life of your pool filter, regular maintenance and correct use are necessary. The filter medium (sand, diatomaceous earth and cartridge elements) need to be replaced and/or cleaned at regular periods throughout the life of your filter. Backwashing sand filters is also a vital process to reduce pressure on the system and to remove soiled water from the tank. You must also remember to turn your pool pump off before you adjust the mode of operation of the filter on the multiport valve. If not, you risk damaging internal mechanisms in the filter that are key to its operation. For cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters, the filter elements may need to be removed from their housing and hosed until clean in order to ensure maximum operating efficiency.

To help you keep a well maintained, clear, balanced swimming pool, Figleaf sells and installs the Hayward range of pool filters.