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Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are one of the simplest forms of filtration. The water is simply based through an internal element. There is no backwashing. Cleaning is by removing this element and hosing the element from top to bottom to remove the accumulated dirt and debris. A specially formulated cleaning agent may also be used to assist in removing oil, fats, sunscreens etc. From time to time, the element may require an overnight soaking to remove finer particles.

A Cartridge filter cleaning efficiency is from 10-30 microns in removal of particles from the water being filtered.

Some of the benefits of a Cartridge filter are:

Most reputable cartridge elements are made of a product called Reemay. This is made of spun-bonded polyester and it is manufactured in a way to trap particles on the surface of the material. Reemay is universally accepted as the benchmark material in the manufacture of this product.

An average element will last between 3-5 years with regular cleaning and maintenance. This does depend on manufacture, bathing load and water balance being maintained. Average price for replacement element is between $150 - $200. Even though the element may still look okay after the cleaning procedure, in time the very small particles of dirt lodge themselves in to the pores of the Reemay and block the element. The fins of the Reemay should also appear firm and evenly spaced. If the fins appear to be collapsing or are not uniform in their spacing, replacement of the element needs to be considered.

An easy method to test if the element needs replacing or cleaning is to remove the element from the system, replace the lid, air bleed the system. If the running pressure returns to normal without the element in place, then cleaning or replacement is necessary.