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Swimming Pool Sand Filters

These are probably the most widely and convenient filters used for domestic pools. They are operated by the various functions on the top of the filter called the Multiport Valve or MPV.

The common filter media used is fine silica sand although there are other mediums also used in the current market.

A Sand filter works by filtering the water through a bed of media, normally sand. As the media becomes more saturated with debris the smaller the particles it will remove from the water. Sand filters remove debris from 100 microns down to 20 microns from the water. Filter and pump flow rate need to be matched to ensure that the water is not forced through the media too quickly but also conversely enough flow rate is achieved to lift the bed of media to enable a sufficient backwash to take place.

One of the main benefits of a Sand filter is its simplicity of operation. Once enough debris is captured in the filter and the pressure on your gauge increases by 10 psi, your filter needs to be backwashed or cleaned. This can be typically required on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on bather load, debris and water management.

The Filter Multi Port Valve Functions are:-