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Swimming Pool Pumps

Pumps are a key element of an easy to maintain, well-functioning swimming pool.

A pump provides the pool with a means to circulate water – that is to move water through the pool and to the filter for cleaning. The pump draws water from the pool through the skimmer box (and/or safety suction) and pipe work into the machine itself. Here water passes through the pump basket (to strain lint, dander, debris, hair and other large particles from the water) and over the impeller. The water then travels through the remaining pool equipment and returns to the pool clean and clear.

In order for pool water to be clear and balanced, the right pump is a necessity. There are a number of factors that contribute to the viability of a pump in a number of scenarios. Key characteristics to take into account include the pump flow rate, volume of pool, filter size, pool returns (spa jets, water features, distance from returns and suction to pump) and in floor cleaning. Additionally, customers may choose to consider eco-friendly options as a means of reducing electricity consumption during use. Choosing the right pump will help to run the pool at an optimal level with clean and clear water, leading to fewer maintenance issues, lower energy costs and longer working life of the pool equipment.

Figleaf Pool Products offers a large range of Hayward pool pumps to cater for your needs.

To ensure the correct upkeep of a pool pump, the basket needs to be emptied on a regular basis to remove any captured particles and reduce load on the machine. The pump lid and unions must also be fitted correctly to avoid leaks and possible corrosion of the pool pump. Checking these parts regularly will help to increase the effective life of your pool pump.