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Dolphin by Maytronics

Swimming Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are fast becoming the preferred option of automatic cleaners for both residential and commercial pools. They work by operating independently from the rest of the pool equipment therefore not relying on strong suction from the equipment.

Maytronics pioneered the first robotic pool cleaners in 1983 making them our preferred dealer. The Dolphin cleaners utilise the best of technology as they are able to travel the entire floor of the pool collecting up to 3kg of debris in the body of the cleaner. The cleaners also have scanning software Inbuilt where they map the pool floor allowing the cleaner to remember the most effective way to clean the pool.

Pop into our showroom to have a look at our Dolphin Cleaner display and ask our staff about which cleaner would be best suited for your pool. Figleaf Pools will endeavour to get one of the Maytronics robotic cleaners working in your pool.

The suction cleaners work by being attached to the skimmer box and operate only when the filtration system is turned on.

The durable construction of the Hayward Pool Vac Ultra ensures years of trouble-­free operation. With its exclusive programmed steering this cleaner can be more effective than random-pattern cleaners and the optional Leaf Canister traps leaves before they clog the skimmer basket.

The Zodiac range of Barracuda pool cleaners are light enough to be able to reach most areas of the pool and are available for concrete, tiled and fibreglass surfaces. Automatic control valves include a bypass which allows the cleaner to stop while the pump is filtering and the quick release cassette system makes cleaning a breeze.

As with all swimming pool investments it pays to consult the experts at Figleaf first when choosing the automatic pool cleaner that is going to be right for your pool.

Dolphin by Maytronics